Central to my work is the idea that what I am doing inside the studio is analogous to what I am doing outside of it, and these analagous experiences exist in a symbiotic relationship to one another.

Experience, as I see it, is a continuum formed from the dialog/interaction between disparate parts. In both art making and in mundane experience these parts are details 'actualized' out of a sea of potential through making a decision, editing, limiting, focusing attention. I think we are all mostly oblivious to this process due to the pursuit of abstract objectives and the richness of our experience suffers as a result. And yet objectives are seemingly required to direct the process, means require ends as ends require means.

Much of my work has to do with ruminating on this problem, or perhaps trying to resolve it. Often I am literally taking fragments of reality, that is photographic fragments, and re-composing them with an aim to unify means and ends, the objective and the process of attaining it. My intention is to realize a form and a process that functions to enhance, flesh out, actualize, experience for both myself and those that engage with it.